The Craft of Podcasts

Coming towards the end of the semester, one of my last projects was to create a small radio/podcast clip covering the elements of a professional podcast/radio station, including: news segments, commercial breaks, sport highlights, and the weather. This podcast forced me to get out of my comfort zone, as I had to repeatedly listen to my own voice and look at myself as an outsider listening to someone else. Most importantly, I had to learn how to critique myself on my pronunciations and speech, which was something I’ve always struggled with. However, because of the previous assignments with working with audio, specifically transitions and volume, as well as editing sentences more smoothly, I was aided greatly when nitpicking my sound.

When I did several trial-and-errors, re-doing different commercials because my voice wasn’t energetic enough, or getting frustrated because I couldn’t say a word correctly, I learned how much work and effort it takes for professional podcast makers and radio hosts to speak clearly and confidently during their segments. Sometimes even on the spot with no script! My appreciation towards these people, and speakers in general, grew immensely, as this project was a great experience for me.

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